For reviewers

The articles are reviewed in an anonymous reviewing procedure by at least two reviewers. As long as their opinions substantially differ, the editorial office determines a third reviewer. On the reviewers decides the Editor in chief or her/his deputy in accordance with Ethical standards of the journal Political Science. Results of the reviews procedure form the basis for editor's office decision-making about the publication / non-publication of the reviewed manuscript

The reviewer is obliged to become familiar with the Ethical standards of the journal Political Science, with the review form and method of its execution. The submitted manuscript has to fulfil the formal requirements, set for a scientific text listed in the "For authors" (published on the website of the journal or sent on request).

The authors of the manuscript and the reviewers of the articles remain in a mutually anonymous relationship.

The author obtains a notification on the inclusion of her/his manuscript to the process of critical review and the outcome of the reviewing procedure generally in 2-3 month from the day of the delivery of the contribution. The author will receive the review comments and decision from the editorial office, while preserving the anonymity. The journal Political Science reserves the right to modify the received manuscripts.

Submitted articles undergo a language copy proof. Despite fulfilment of the journal content focus, the lack of grammar and formal adjustment of the text can be the reason for manuscript rejection.

If you are interested in cooperation with the journal as a reviewer, please contact the editorial office by e-mail: Review form is available on request. The Review Form is available for downloading on the web pages of the journal and upon request by e-mail.

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