Michal Garaj – Jakub Bardovič – Jaroslav Mihálik

Vplyv sociologicko-demografických charakteristík obce na volebné správanie a podporu M. Kotlebu

(The impact of municipal sociological-demographic characteristics on electoral behaviour and support of M. Kotleba)

Politické vedy, Volume 24, Number 1/2021, pages 153-180



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Michal Garaj – Jakub Bardovič – Jaroslav Mihálik. 2021. Vplyv sociologicko-demografických charakteristík obce na volebné správanie a podporu M. Kotlebu. In Politické Vedy. [online]. Vol. 24, No. 1, 2021. ISSN 1335 – 2741, pp. 153-180. Available at: DOI:


A wide range of different factors influence a voter's choice in support of political party or representative. The research deals with the electoral behavior of voters in Slovak regional elections in 2017. Specifically, it focuses on the impact of defined socio-demographic characteristics and indicators such as share of inhabitants of the municipality aged 18-30 of Roman Catholic faith, share of municipal inhabitants with higher education, share of economically active inhabitants of the municipality, share of PC / Internet users in the settlement structure of Banská Bystrica region in relation with election results of M. Kotleba as a chairman candidate. We used statistical measurement and correlation analysis to fulfil our goal. The data combine election results with socio-demographic characteristics of municipalities in Banská Bystrica region. Graphical maps present the intensity of strength of the association between variables according to view of districts in Banská Bystrica region. The resulting findings show a statistically significant relationship in two defined categories. In the first case, with the increasing proportion of Roman Catholic faith in the municipality, the support of the candidate also increased. Similar findings were identified in relation to share of university educated inhabitants in the municipality. The electoral support of Marian Kotleba in 2017 Slovak regional election was influenced by factors of measured socio-demographical characteristics of municipalities. The findings confirmed similar conclusions from 2013 analysis of Marian Kotleba support in regional elections. 

Key words: Voting behavior, Participation, Self-governing region, Election, ĽSNS

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