Lubomír Belan – Mária Petrufová

Správanie sa príslušníkov Ozbrojených síl Slovenskej republiky v krízových situáciách

(Behaviour of members of the Slovak Republic Armed Forces in crisis situations)

Politické vedy, Volume 24, Number 1/2021, pages 70-94



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Lubomír Belan – Mária Petrufová. 2021. Správanie sa príslušníkov Ozbrojených síl Slovenskej republiky v krízových situáciách. In Politické Vedy. [online]. Vol. 24, No. 1, 2021. ISSN 1335 – 2741, pp. 70-94. Available at: DOI:


The research study refers to the present-day management aspects and some current issues of the collective behavior in crisis situations and while deployed within the current asymmetrical threats. It builds on the research results within the Armed Forces of SR and on the experience form the Slovak and Czech management practice. The study contains mutual interaction and synergy between theory of security issues, crisis management, collective behavior and other knowledge of military environment. The recommendations for implementing examination of collective behavior and individual masses are proposed for practical needs. Furthermore, they offer comparison of up-to-date knowledge and acquiring competences for the training of new experts. The research includes the evaluation of preparedness of the personnel to manage their behavior in crisis situations and when deployed. The analysis concludes with a description of options of solving these issues in future within the Armed Forces of SR and within the proposed forms of model behavior of the members of the Armed Forces of the SR.

Key words: crowd behaviour, crisis situations, security, Slovak Armed Forces personnel, deployment area, national (domestic) crisis management, international crisis management, behavioural models

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