Jana Štefaňáková

The Issue of Asylum Policy and Law in the German Speaking Countries and in Slovakia

(K problematike azylovej politiky a práva v nemecky hovoriacich krajinách a na Slovensku)

Politické vedy, Volume 21, Number 4/2018, pages 74-95



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ŠTEFAŇÁKOVÁ, J. 2018. The Issue of Asylum Policy and Law in the German Speaking Countries and in Slovakia. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 21, No. 4, 2018. ISSN 1335 – 2741, pp. 74‑95. Available at:


Asylum law and policy are tightly connected to migration, which remains an omnipresent phenomenon in the globalized world and an alarming issue of the 21st Century. Some of the European countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been dealing with immigrants for more than a century. In other countries, such as Slovakia, it is a relatively new phenomenon. The current study aimed to provide a comparative insight by pointing out political, institutional and legislative frameworks of asylum in the German-speaking countries and in Slovakia, and to highlight particularities of the asylum procedures and legal terminology of the respective countries in the context of the European law. The analysis and legal comparison showed that following EU legislation, the countries had undergone legislative changes as well as establishing a number of new institutions, with specifics stemming from differences in preexisting asylum and migration policies. This process was determined mainly by the increased pressure on the migration systems, which reflected in the need to improve the efficiency of the migration system management.

Key words: asylum, asylum policy, asylum law, German-speaking countries, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovak Republic, institutional and legislative framework of the asylum policy and law

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