Stanislav Morong

Determinanty efektívnosti ozbrojených síl ako subjektu integrovaného záchranného systému v Slovenskej republike

(Determinants of Efficiency of Armed Forces as a Subsidiary of Integrated Rescue System in the Slovak Republic)

Politické vedy, Volume 21, Number 3/2018, pages 76-94



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MORONG, S. 2018. Determinanty efektívnosti ozbrojených síl ako subjektu integrovaného záchranného systému v Slovenskej republike. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 21, No. 3, 2018. ISSN 1335 – 2741, pp. 76-94. Available at:


Since the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic, the share of the armed forces in the fulfillment of the tasks of the national crisis management has been permanently changed and re-evaluated. Focusing the attention of the top management of the Ministry of Defense only on the issue of defending against the external environment caused the problem by what forces and means to replace the departments that had been designated for the protection of the population. The allocation of a share of the forces and resources of almost all units of the armed forces in their current geographical deployment has not been and is not a relevant solution in relation to the current security challenges. In the present study, the Department of Defense proposed a reorganization and redisposal of selected forces of the armed forces that have a major impact on national crisis management operations. The effectiveness of the participation of the armed forces in the structure of the Integrated Rescue System of the Slovak Republic was examined in its quantitative and qualitative scope. The results of the analyzes confirm that under the conditions of the Ministry of Defense it is necessary to take fundamental measures in the dislocation of the units and facilities depending on the location of the potential threats and risks for the population. In the study, the share of the armed forces in national crisis management operations is based on a proposal to effectively deploy only a portion of the force and resources of the Ministry of Defense, and other departments and facilities allow it to concentrate fully on defense against military threats from the external environment of the state. By implementing the dislocation changes of selected units of the armed forces, according to the present proposal, the efficiency and effectiveness of not only the armed forces itself but also of the integrated rescue system as a whole is greatly enhanced.

Key words: integrated rescue system, armed forces, ministry of defense, resources, humanitarian operations, national crisis management

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